Wednesday, July 17, 2024

The koji egg sandwich from 1369 on sourdough. You can also do a croissant or bagel. (Photo: Madeleine Aitken)

Price: $8

1369 Coffee House has been serving your usual coffeehouse fare – pastries, bagels, avocado toast, etc. – in Central and Inman squares for 30 years, and generally, it’s good, even great, but nothing you can’t find elsewhere. There’s one exception: the koji egg sandwich of egg, cheddar and koji caponata. Caponata is a relishlike Sicilian dish that combines chopped eggplant and other vegetables in tomato sauce, and koji is the mold used to ferment soybeans to make soy sauce and miso. 1369 has combined these two disparate flavors brilliantly, and the result is unlike anything I’ve tasted. The koji caponata spread is sweet and rich, providing an intense hit of umami that elevates the humble egg and cheese sandwich to something truly delicious. It’s unconventional, yes, but easily the best thing on their menu – don’t knock it ’til you try it.

1369 Coffee House, 757 Massachusetts Ave., Central Square, Cambridge, with another location in Inman Square

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