Friday, July 19, 2024

For many years, Bostonians have dreamed of creating a direct connection between the North Station and South Station known as the North-South Rail Link. Much to the chagrin of Boston residents, no progress has been made in building the tunnel. This is not acceptable. 

The MBTA Commuter Rail is in desperate need of creating a direct connection between the two halves of its network. To connect via the subway, lots of transfers are involved and they are a time-consuming hassle. A link would also allow for easier connections between the Amtrak Downeaster and Amtrak’s Northeast Corridor – specifically the Acela, Northeast Direct and Lake Shore Limited. Since the Northeast Direct and Acela already run on electrified tracks, they could traverse the tunnel by means of the overhead catenary. 

I hope a petition will convince the Massachusetts Department of Transportation to move forward with the project. 

Unfortunately, getting signatures on the petition has been a struggle. I started it roughly four years ago and have accumulated only 492 signatures; by this point I should have at least 1,000. I welcome you all to sign and share my petition.

Dante Medori, Jenkintown, Pennsylvania

The writer is a real advocate.