Senior communities rallied from Cambridge, supporting troops with care packages for 975

Cambridgeport Neighborhood Association elects 2021 board members and officers

Friends of CRLS will present more than $70,000 this year to high schoolers, most to Class of 2021

Omari Jahi Aarons joins Big Brothers Big Sisters of Eastern Massachusetts board

Sponsorships allow for FOCRLS scholarships: $55,500 is gifted among 36 graduating seniors

Olick joins board of Mystic River Watershed; association receives a $12,500 Exelon grant

Pressley pops in to honor chief of staff Groh during Lesley awards ceremony for alums

Deines, a builder of Detroit arts center, appointed dean of Lesley Art and Design

Young Deborah Mason dancers meet Warren

Cambridge Community Center fund launches with $50,000 contribution from Capital One