Laced Quality Kitchen, Geppetto and Spyce open, catering to variety of Cambridge culinary tastes

Cambridge, Somerville could join silver line, bringing riders directly to Logan (or casino)

Attend meetings on class split in resident survey; safety policies for in-person classes; a new Tatte

Grilled cheese, tomato bisque and a host of other treats from new Café Beatrice

Evictions include cases at ‘party bus’ apartments, but also among struggling Cambridge businesses (updated)

Attend meetings on end to single-family zoning; starting outdoor education; new diner in Central

Watch meetings on more money for Covid aid; Central Square apartments; and Jerry’s Pond

Cambridge sees 29 coronavirus cases in day, including one-third reported by a university

No strong actions promised against Covid risk despite party bus, crowds in Harvard Square

McKinnon, whose projects helped define city, felled by heart attack at 73, group announces