Friday, July 12, 2024

Coming next year: Northwest-style noodles, gourmet burgers and a North Point dining hub

Tavern operators to open Tap 151 Bar and Grill, joining other North Point eateries during 2024

A week of events in Cambridge and Somerville, from a Juneteenth parade to ‘Medusa Reclaimed’

After 36 years, Porter Square’s Passage to India travels across town to Cambridge Crossing site

Lace up: REI Co-op 5K at Cambridge Crossing bumps the number of runs this year up to nine

North Point Restaurant arrives for Thanksgiving, ending international fare at the Weltkuche Bistro

Onion dip at The Lexington

Someone paid a premium to get One Canal Park, and there are updates on 1,038 more apartments

Final Volpe filing improves its Third Street Park, and North Point and Union Square buildings sell

North Point to get 12-story life-science building, MIT buys gas station, advances its Kendall tower