Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Rats in schools, a year without Bunsen burners: Somerville officials ask after speed of upgrades

Students uprooted repeatedly from Winter Hill sound a call for better (and rat-free) buildings

Attend meetings in Somerville May 30-June 6 about 45 Mystic proposal and school funding

Strong reactions follow school leaders’ remarks about student Palestine protest and use of slogan

Attend meetings in Somerville from May 23-30 about Post Office troubles and testing on animals

Team to travel among Somerville Public Schools with help for the kids who make learning harder

Somerville schools plan could shrink Trum Field or risk waiting years for Brown building upgrade

Somerville postponing hard decision on schools will make a bad situation for families even worse

High school is addressing post-Covid fight surge; Capuano report shows the joyful educating of tots

Attend Somerville meetings from Dec. 29-Jan. 5 to welcome new officials, see Winter Hill project