Thursday, June 20, 2024
Jonathan Vicente was among eight officers welcomed in November to the ranks of the Cambridge Police Department. (Photo: Cambridge Police)

Jonathan Vicente was among eight officers welcomed in November to the ranks of the Cambridge Police Department. (Photo: Cambridge Police)

Charges have grown against Jonathan Vicente, 25, a Cambridge police officer arrested July 10 after an off-duty incident at the restaurant and bar Volare in Revere, where Vicente lives. In his arraignment Wednesday in Chelsea District Court, charges of assault and battery, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon and malicious destruction of property were added to the charge of disturbing the peace made at a July 11 arraignment.

Jonathan Vicente


Vicente was among a group of men urinating in an alley outside Volare at about 2 a.m., Assistant District Attorney Vincent DeMore said in court Wednesday. When told by an employee to “respect the establishment,” Vicente and the others reacted badly, yelling and kicking a car parked in the alley, DeMore said, and when the employee yelled at them to stop, Vicente and others beat him up, punching and kicking him.

They stopped and ran away when another worker appeared, prosecutors said.

Revere police were called in, and they stopped a car nearby that held Vicente and another man. They noticed that Vicente had abrasions on his knuckles and blood on his shirt, prosecutors said.

When asked to step out of the car, Vicente became belligerent with Revere officers, yelling that his rights were being violated and that he was “on the job,” prosecutors said, and when he kept yelling, officers took him into custody for disturbing the peace. According to WCVB television news, the outbursts contained a bit of a threat – a handcuffed Vicente told the arresting officers “Wait until you come through Cambridge,” leading the Revere officer writing a report of the incident to call his behavior “outrageous.”

According to the Cambridge Chronicle, citing the same report, Vicente’s brother was present and told police “Jonathan gets like this when he drinks. He is unable to control himself.”

Judge Matthew Machera ordered Vicente to stay away from the victim and witnesses in the case. Vicente has been placed on unpaid administrative leave from the Cambridge Police Department, where acting commissioner Christopher J. Burke said the allegations were being taken seriously.

A previous incident involving an off-duty Cambridge police officer took place in April 2015, when Officer Neil Bogonovich was arrested in Templeton, a town in North Central Massachusetts above Worcester near the New Hampshire border. According to media reports, he was “drunk, disorderly, armed and resisting arrest when he assaulted a Templeton police officer.”

Bogonovich was placed on paid administrative leave after his arrest, said Jeremy Warnick, director of communications and media relations for Cambridge police.

“He did not return to work, and has submitted his resignation,” Warnick said.