Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Carmellite Chamblin is scheduled to read poetry and Sabrina Wu perform comedy as part of the free “Saturday at the Armory: A Live Streaming Event.”

Live, streamed poetry, comedy and music isn’t so surprising. But live streamed parkour for the home?

The “free running” techniques of sprinting gymnastically through urban environments seems like the last thing you can or would want to do in your living space, especially in our stock of studio apartments, yet parkour demonstrations – for adults, and then for kids – are among the opening segments of “Saturday at the Armory: A Live Streaming Event” taking place from 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Saturday on Instagram Live.

Also planned is a demonstration of the basics of roller derby skating, yet another see-it-to-believe-it moment stretching the expected bounds of entertainment and education when coronavirus has largely closed public places.

“The current Covid-19 crisis has left our usually busy performance hall and cafe empty,” organizers at the Somerville arts center say in their emailed invitation. “In the spirit of our mission, we believe that there are still ways of unifying our community even while we all stay at home.”

The day of free virtual programming includes “the kinds of events that you’d expect to see on a typical day at The Armory,” organizers say, leading off with skating, Zumba and parkour classes before easing into the performances.

Viewers will be invited to donate to Arts at the Armory or support the artists and teachers who present; the program is supported with grant funding from the Somerville Arts Council.

Expect to hear New England Poetry Club Readings from Alfred Nicol, Susan Jo Russell, Arlyce Menzies, Linda Haviland Conte and Carmellite Chamblin; comedy from Angela Sawyer, Tooky Kavanagh, Rachel Jane Andelman and Sabrina Wu; and live music from YFIH (in the “spooky acoustic” genre), DJ J-Wall, Kudzo + Matt Baskin (promising “great songs about nothing good”), and Rachel Marie and Terry Kitchen of the Somerville Songwriter Sessions.