Thursday, July 18, 2024

A memorial has grown Thursday near Central Square in Cambridge where Danasia Greene was killed Nov. 23. (Photo: Sue Reinert)

A week after an early morning Thanksgiving day shooting in Central Square killed a woman and injured a man, law enforcement authorities identified the woman as Danasia Greene, 27, and said she lived on Child Street in Cambridge’s North Point neighborhood. But much about the event and the victims remained unknown as city officials said they would hold a community meeting Wednesday – almost two weeks after the shooting – to “share the latest information” about the assault and investigation, answer questions and offer trauma support.

Officials have not revealed the name of the 26-year-old man who was injured. Recordings of police scanners after officers responded identified him as Tyrre Herring of Boston. Police arrested Herring soon after he was discharged from the hospital the day after the shooting, or perhaps even while he was in the hospital, on warrants from four courthouses, including Cambridge District Court. That information came from the police department’s daily log, which spelled his first name as Tyree instead of Tyrre.

When Cambridge police spokesperson Robert Goulston was asked whether the man who was arrested was the same person injured in the shooting, he said he has “asked the [city’s] Law Department to help you in that request.” The city’s public records officer earlier sent a message indicating that a public records request had been submitted. The city has 10 business days to answer.

Herring appeared in Cambridge District Court on Thursday for a detention hearing and was ordered held without bail until Dec. 18 because of dangerousness, said Meghan Kelly, spokesperson for Middlesex District Attorney Marion Ryan. When Kelly was asked whether Herring was the person injured in the Thanksgiving day attack, she didn’t answer directly, saying only: “We do not release the identities of surviving victims.”

Herring’s assigned lawyer, Ismail Mohammed, didn’t respond to a telephone message and a text.

A memorial to Greene has sprung up on the stone steps of the Central Square Church at 5 Magazine St. near where she was killed. Cards, candles and now-withered flowers reflect the sadness of those who knew her. The messages address her as Bella, her nickname.

The people involved

Officers arrested Greene on May 20 for punching a woman in the face who was sitting on a bench at Green and Magazine streets, according to police. The case was continued without a finding on Oct. 23, meaning it would be dismissed if she didn’t violate the law again. Mohammed served as Greene’s lawyer in the case, though there is no record of a connection between her and Herring. A notation in court records shows that the charges were dismissed when she died.

Herring was indicted by a Suffolk Superior Court grand jury on Jan. 11, 2021, for having a firearm without a license and other weapons violations. He had been arrested in May 2020 and accused of being involved in a shooting on Holworthy Street in Boston. He pleaded guilty and was sentenced in June 2021 to one and a half years in the Essex County House of Correction.

Herring has other charges in his record, including some accusing him of violating restraining orders. One case at Cambridge District Court was for allegedly not obeying an abuse prevention order; the victim was not named, in accordance with court rules.

Court records show Herring living in West Roxbury, Randolph and Waltham at various times. The records don’t include any connection to Cambridge. But a man with the same name died in Cambridge on April 20 at the age of 42. His family did not submit an obituary to the A.J. Spears funeral home in Cambridge, which conducted his funeral. It is not known whether the two Tyrre Herrings are related.

“Messed up” and “frustrated”

Many people were in the Central Square area for late-night activities when the shooting occurred. Seven called the police to report it. One person, who said he lived at Church Corner Apartments overlooking the attack location, posted his dismay on the social media site Reddit’s Cambridge group. His post: “I mean as a man, I never had any problem. I used to even walk past 2 a.m. from a friend’s house to my apartment. I still probably don’t feel anything about it, but for this to happen right outside of my apartment – like, I heard the shots and then the cops coming. The person on the ground. It is just something that is messed up and something I never thought I will see in Central Square. I mean, I just don’t understand when enough is enough with gun violence in America.”

The situation in Central Square has left people “frustrated,” said Michael Monestime, president of the Central Square Business Improvement District. Although many residents connect the area to crime and unhoused people, the Thanksgiving shooting was targeted and “it could have happened anywhere,” Monestime said.

The two weeks between the shooting and a community meeting isn’t excessive, he said. “Hopefully the time to have a meeting enabled the city to give us more solutions,” he said. “Hopefully we’ll learn more. It enables all sections of the community to come together. I support that.”

Monestime also praised the choice of the Citywide Senior Center as the place for a meeting. “I feel for our seniors in the square,” he said. And he praised Cambridge police for “doing a great job,” saying he observed officers daily in their interactions with unhoused people.

Community meeting coming

City spokesperson Jeremy Warnick said the two-week delay between the shooting and a meeting isn’t necessarily normal, but added that “timing can be dictated by a number of variables, including availability of key spokespeople, space, etc., as well as the homicide falling on a holiday weekend.”

The meeting will be available virtually, on Zoom – a first, Warnick said. That will “hopefully become the new standard,” he said.

As for the week’s delay in identifying Greene, the district attorney’s office said naming victims depends on factors such as the status of the investigation, confirmation of identity by the medical examiner’s office and notifying family members.

The press release from Ryan and Cambridge police commissioner Christine Elow identifying Greene as the woman who was killed said that “investigators have made some progress” but urged people “with any information” to contact Cambridge police at the department’s tips line at (617) 347-3370 or online at