Council’s orders for information are rebuffed, but request by citizen produces experts’ notes

Charter advice: It’s time to ‘look under the hood’ of Plan E, but consensus is needed for changes

Declining to reconsider city manager contract, council debates, affirms city manager contract

Filing calls for new look at city manager contract after confused vote late in a nine-hour meeting

Council decides city manager contract extension in the fog of a false deadline, fearing to ‘lose him’

City manager okays broadband feasibility study, acknowledging council rebellion on budget vote

Continuing lack of municipal broadband study inspires six-councillor budget item protest vote

Manager keeps brakes on social distance streets, sets Memorial Drive test ‘opposite’ council wish

Denied official report of police tweet discipline, councillors issue their own censure for incident

City councillors can’t know of police discipline, they are informed by head of Law Department