Saturday, May 18, 2024

Coronavirus case rates rise among Hispanics; Prolonged waits for tests continue to perplex

Passing orders resulting from October incident, councillors seek to ‘help’ groups, decry bullying

Some see opportunity for neighborhood groups, others see attempt at undermining on a pretext

Nearly 100 coronavirus cases are reported within two days, many among universities

Blocking Covid measure about indoor activities moves schools closer to shutdown, mayor says

Order to extend Riverbend Park use for exercise is just the first delayed in coronavirus confusion

Campaign finance order delayed on its path, along with tear gas law and a candy curb cut

Council’s orders for information are rebuffed, but request by citizen produces experts’ notes

Charter advice: It’s time to ‘look under the hood’ of Plan E, but consensus is needed for changes

Declining to reconsider city manager contract, council debates, affirms city manager contract