Friday, July 19, 2024

‘A Quiet Place: Day One’: Killer aliens in NYC? That calls for a slice of pizza, hunted silently

Goal at Armory is not ‘to kick anyone out,’ though exasperated tenants ponder exits

VHF Studio is making video art exciting again, though better projected than stuck onscreen

Moms Unhinged gives the parents a night

Gunfire incidents in Union Square and Ten Hills have police bulking up presence, seeking info

Shrimp ceviche at Celeste

What makes it into the $1 Cheapo Records bin? Xylophones, bear rugs, most folks named Mort

‘Humanist Vampire’ and ‘MaXXXine’ hit town, ‘Jaws’ resurfaces and Harvard gets schooled

Colette Bresilla’s ‘Se Refléter Dans’ is a lively, lovely and layered survey of the artist’s work

‘The Bikeriders’: The gang revs up to go idling through the heartland