Saturday, July 20, 2024

The sign for the restaurant Bom Dough is up in Inman Square. (Photo: Bom Dough)

Greene Street pot for Porter

Planning Board, 6:30 p.m. Tuesday. Greene Street, a recreational cannabis shop, gets a hearing to open at 1960 Massachusetts Ave., North Cambridge near Porter Square, replacing a branch of the USAlliance Financial credit union. The outside of the stately stone building would change little, and the business isn’t within 300 feet of a school – and with applicant Michael Ortoll in the “economic empowerment” category, it doesn’t matter that it’s within 1,800 feet of the nearest other approved pot shop. (That’s Porter Square Remedies at 1908 Massachusetts Ave., Porter Square, expected to finally fill the Wok N’ Roll Chinese restaurant space; the restaurant closed in June 2018. Another shop, Budega, plans to oust Stereo Jack’s Records at 1686 Massachusetts Ave., Neighborhood 9.) A quirk of the parcel: “A small portion of the parking area appears to extend [out of the business district and] into the Residence B district,” planners say. Televised and watchable by Zoom video conferencing.

Kendall Square improvements

Cambridge Redevelopment Authority, 5:30 p.m. Wednesday. Potentially the most interesting thing the CRA board does at this meeting will be behind closed doors: consider terms of real estate transactions for affordable housing sites. But the work of shaping Kendall Square also includes streetscape and park improvements on Broadway and Galaxy Park; a presentation on the Broad Institute Discovery Center, a life-sciences exhibition space so far marketed mainly toward “Broadies”; and possible discussion of a transportation study for the area. Watchable by Zoom video conferencing.

Bom Dough for Inman Square

License Commission, 10 a.m. to noon Thursday. A fast-casual fusion concept called Bom Dough seeks to fill the space at 1271 Cambridge St., Inman Square, once Highland Fried. (That barbecue and fried chicken eatery closed in September “due to multiple issues stemming from the pandemic.”) Young chef and owner Marcia Chemim of Stoneham says the food will add a “smoky touch” to its “commonly known traditional meals with a twist [of] seasonings inspired from Brazilian, Italian, French and Japanese cuisine.” The 2,571-square-foot space seats 81 but holds 111 and is expected to be open until 11 p.m. seven days a week. The agenda also has a filing to remove the first-floor Central Kitchen space at 567 Massachusetts Ave., Central Square, from Brick & Mortar’s second-story cocktail joint, though it’s long since been replaced by the Western Front recreational cannabis shop; and a hearing into allegations of violations by the Bluestone Lane coffee shop in Harvard Square. Watchable by Zoom video conferencing.

This post was updated July 10, 2022, to fix a reference to distance between two proposed recreational cannabis shops.