Monday, May 27, 2024

Release of document trove about Riverbend Park raises questions on Decker account, DCR decision

Silent to many during debate on Riverbend Park, state Rep. Decker writes to put onus on state DCR

Council signals support for Riverbend Park opening over whole weekends during 2023

Meeting on keeping Saturday ‘Riverbend Park’ finds support, but sympathy for Riverside effect

State shuts down Riverbend Park expansion, promising to hold meeting after Labor Day

Porter Square will get ‘quick-build’ bike lanes after idea to add it to larger project is defeated

Doubts on MBTA wire work delays bike lane vote, and projects’ price tag of $55 million doesn’t help

Changes increasing bike safety in Porter Square remove parking, revive conflict from up the road

New bike and bus lanes to get more consultation from neighbors and existing city advisory groups

Fractured vote about North Cambridge bike lanes speaks to ‘concern and confusion’ from outreach