Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Carl Barron Plaza and confusing traffic patterns eyed for a remake in River Street, Central project

Pace of bike lane construction has city on track toward meeting Cycling Safety Ordinance goal

Rally and public comment to MassDOT meeting show support for keeping focus on Route 28/38

What’s coming along in transit as city reopens includes MBTA options, walkways, bike lanes

Rally urges state to reprioritize promised repairs to the most dangerous intersection in Somerville

Notion of closing Central Square to car traffic, driven by business, gets a strong council vote

Bike lane proponents are worried by a city study that seems to steer away from quick-build model

MBTA rail yard noise could be studied by state, after transit agency’s own data raises questions

Union Square green line spur to open in October; State improves on changes planned for McGrath

For many customers turning to Crimson Bikes, getting their order or refund was too hard a trip