Sunday, July 21, 2024

Bench bars at Cambridge T stops draw criticism as ‘hostile architecture’ aimed at the homeless

Transit in 2020, driven by coronavirus pandemic, must sort through mixed signals of coming year

Service reductions to MBTA have been softened, but will start in January and be reviewed in March

MBTA might undo expected service reductions, as vaccines, stimulus hint at ‘return to normal’

There’s no justification for MBTA service cuts, according to the agency’s own advisory board

First modest tests for streets in Harvard Square, then maybe steps toward European walkability

Riverbend Park gets extension into colder times, while shared streets will be gone with the winter

Under proposed cuts, T would end hour earlier, bus routes will be cut, rail run only on weekdays

MBTA switches to 100% renewable energy starting Jan. 1; Three-year contract signed

With new red line MBTA cars delayed by a year, eyes turn toward other forms of transportation